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Discovering the ancient Tauromenion, perched on Mount Tauro (317 m s.l.m.) on limestone rocks, in the last stretch of the Peloritani mountains. Natural fortress on the Ionian Sea.

The natural fortress on the Ionian Sea, probably inhabited by the Sicels since the seventh century. B.C. Foundation of the "Greek polis" in 360 BC, called Tauromenion. Diodoro Siculo tells that Taormina in the last decades of the first century. a.C was involved in the struggle between Sextus Pompey and Octavian, the latter for strategic reasons founded a military colony on the spot. At the decline of the Roman Empire, the city became established in Christianity. Here landed Pancrazio, who left from Antioch, sent by St. Peter, proclaimed Saint was elected protector of the city.

Visit of the most important Greek-Roman archaeological remains

Discovering Isola Bella

Explore the typical narrow streets and squares of the typical village

Taste local specialties

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Price details

INCLUDED: guided tour of the monuments
NOT INCLUDED:street food tasting, entrance ticket to monuments


Guided tour on foot and moving by minibus

Tour Schedule

Guided tour on foot and moving by minibus, with appointment at meeting point of Taormina or pickup from hotel

Difficulty Path

Middle / Easy

Required Equipment

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothing to cover your body while visiting religious sites.