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Alcantara River Park


Half day of relaxation, the discovery of a natural paradise Mediterranean GORGES DELL’ALCANTARA Guided tour of the Botanic Park and Geo, among the extraordinary basalt columns, manufactured lava generated by an ancient eruption of Etna. Here we develop a series of trails that run along the left bank of the river, surrounded by the typical Mediterranean maquis, with characteristic natural balconies you begin to admire the narrow gorges, between the territories of Francavilla of Sicily, Motta Camastra and those of Castiglione di Sicily, up to the beautiful pebble beach , where you can appreciate the icy waters of the river. In ancient times the trails were used for agricultural activities, surrounded by the typical citrus groves of the valley. A unique experience not to be missed!

“At Quantar” from Arabic bridge. A few thousand years ago, in prehistoric times, the river Alcantara did not exist; in its place there was a valley that was developed on Cretaceous clays Varicoloured on a flish (yellowish clays alternating with marly clays) Oligocene / Miocene. This valley welcomed the river in its bed of lava, the controversial origin, part of which is composed of volcanic Mount Etna.

Gurne O URNS, are several basins of water, small ponds dug by the river in the lava, it’s simple water erosion in basalt. Of 16 Gurne present, the most special and typical are in the territory of Francavilla of Sicily, the width varies between 5 and 30 meters in diameter, 5 to 10 meters deep.

CUBA BYZANTINE AND MINOR GORGES in the territory of Castiglione di Sicilia

The church of St. Sunday, represents an ‘important religious building in this Alcantara Valley, not far from the fortress of Castiglione, in a pleasant plain cultivated with vineyards and fruit trees. This intriguing and mysterious structure, built between the seventh and ninth centuries, for decades has attracted many scholars from all over the world.

From Cuba, they reach the “small gorges” through a flat trail, a scenic route that offers interesting observation, in this stretch of the river, where you can admire some Gurne and several waterfalls.

Guided tour, possible tasting of typical dishes-products and appreciate local handicrafts.

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