Located on the slopes of Etna, it preserves the identity of a genuine country, surrounded by nature characterized by its appearance, typical of the mountain context. The spirit of solidarity and the desire to share and pass on to others has always been a prerogative of the local inhabitants. The local community, especially after the autonomy of the country (1985), shares experiences and daily meetings in the various squares, are different moments that unite, such as folk events or festivals, managing to involve anyone who passes through the streets of the country. Guests also have the opportunity to spend relationships with the inhabitants of the country, then welcomed in typical and unique structures, or simply invited to taste local products, stopping to eat together as in a real family, appreciating the ancient dishes of the rural Etna tradition. There is no lack of opportunities to learn how to cook some typical recipes, where the wisdom of the elderly is integrated with the vigor of the younger generations. When man manages to "bring out" human values, the true sense of solidarity develops, both in welcoming people who are curious to know new realities, and those who only need a company to better enjoy their their life. This is what makes the stay in the mountain village unique, where everyone can feel at home. The ability to welcome, the willingness to dialogue, in a context rich in cultural values, both natural and historical and artistic, is certainly an interesting socio-economic interest, to create the right opportunities for young people not to go away. Today, modern society following the stereotype of the globalized model tends to bury the values ​​and identities of small communities, it is important to focus on the individual who communicates and listens to the other. Ragalna has overall preserved the awareness of its local autonomy and traditions handed down from father to son, to be able to preserve a tangible sign for future generations.

Black and White Memories