Originally it called LA GUARDIA and was part of one of the most populous neighborhoods Malpasso houses of the southern Etna. The eruption of 11 March 1669 within 24 hours has completely covered the neighborhood the Guardia RECONSTRUCTION (24 April 1687) The signing deed of the new district of Malpasso (now rebuilt under the name of Fenicia Moncada) is signed in the fief of Borrello with the name of Stella Aragona On the name Stella the most plausible hypotheses have been developed by recent studies on the reign of Frederick III of Aragon. The Queen Eleonora d'Angiò after the death of her husband in Paternò in 1337 retired to the terraced houses of Guardia di Malpasso where he spent the last years of his life. Therefore the name Stella Aragona is the result of a complex motivation commissioned by Aloisio Guglielmo Moncada Aragon in 1678 and brought to completion by his son Ferdinando Moncada After the 1693 earthquake the neighborhood of STELLA ARAGONA was rebuilt and gradually in the name prevailed the name of Borrello (from fief of the same name), while the name of the main square of the quarter, with the name Stella Aragona, is concentrated around which the economic, cultural and social life of the town is concentrated.


On the slopes of Etna, the Pastry founded by the cavaliere Francesco Condorelli in 1933 has gradually grown to become the current Industria Dolciaria in Borrello di Belpasso. In the Etna Lava Villages, you can taste the typical and unique delicacies at the historic meeting place, in Via Vittorio Emanuele III n ^ 536, under the banner of Sicilian artisan sweets and delicatessen, granita-ice-cream and arancini and much more. In the production facilities located in the Timpa Magna district in Belpasso, in a large field, several workers work. Condorelli products are present all over the world, thanks to a network of agents distributed throughout the national territory.