VILLAGES_stay with us - SICILY

Our proposal: to restore new lifeblood and economic and social resources to villages, villages, NON-ABANDONED villages, genuine not contaminated by tourism, whose great wealth is not only solidarity, but also humanity, without superstructures and without false smiles , which are mechanisms of false hospitality.
Today the society behind the idea of ​​globalization tends to bury the values ​​of individual identities and the diminution of privacy, which also reverberates in the loss of consciousness of local autonomies, with the abandonment of their economies and typical products.
The project, therefore, is not aimed at holiday tourism hit and run, but goes to research and human reconstruction and solidarity of villages with squares, churches, theaters, streets, where newcomers can have a relationship with the locals, be hosted and eating together with the family, learning how to cook, possibly being welcomed in the homes of the residents, or living in small structures, open to the villagers.

What is sought is sociality and humanity rather than monuments: they are Sicilians who know the products of the land and teach how to grow the gardens.
The ability to welcome, the availability of dialogue in a context rich in cultural values, both natural and historical, artistic and archaeological, this will certainly produce an interesting socio-economic interest, especially for young people: guides, drivers, doctors, nurses, teachers of dance, singing, gymnastics and cooks ...
In the moment in which man manages to "bring out" (educate) human values, solidarity can be found, both in hosting lonely people, who have financial resources, and people who do not have the same availability.
Solidarity and sharing must be born, so that those who have more support those who have less. This project will bring wellbeing to ALL !!! and it will unleash that solidarity and sharing that humanity is losing.

The reference person for Sicily is Carmelo Nicoloso mobile +39 3392482300, which works with the support of the association "MAREMONTIS", he works to start the "BORGHI Etnei and Marinari della Lava" and the "Villages of the Val di Noto".
To start the project in Sicily some municipalities have been identified, for the Etna area:
Borrello di Belpasso-Ragalna and Sant'Alfio, then the "Borgo Marinaro" at Capo Mulini di Acireale.
For the Val di Noto area: Militello in Val di Catania and Sortino (Siracusa).
In the two territorial areas there are several UNESCO realities, the most important is the ETNA "Sacred Mountain in the Mediterranean Center", the CASTAGNO DEI CENTO CAVALLI "Monument Messaggero di Pace", the VAL DI NOTO "Late Baroque Architecture", PANTALICA "Necropolis rupestre ", the SICILIAN PUPI" Secular tradition of the marionette ".